No-sew super poofy tulle skirt

It's only September and I have already started working on the kids' Halloween costumes! My motto is 'make use of nap time'. This year Big Sister decided she wants to be Snow White and Little One, a witch. The Snow White costume is still in fabric status, but the witch is almost done. I made this very easy (but slightly messy) no-sew tutu skirt for the witch.

This skirt is super easy to make because there is just one little stitch that you are going to make. The fabric is going to be tied to the waist band. It might get a little messy because you will be handling about 100 strips of fabric. We love this skirt because it is super poofy. Thanks to all the layers of fabric, the tulle skirt is not see through.

After making this black and brown witch's skirt, Big Sister has put in an order for a rainbow colored tutu. And she is going to help me make it. It's that easy! Want to make one?

First measure the waist. Cut a strip of 1" elastic measuring 'waist+1/2 inch'. For instance, Little One measured 18". And I cut 18.5" of elastic.

Bring the ends together and sew it up. That's it. Retire the needle and thread for the rest of this project.

Measure the desired length of the skirt. Now cut 3"-4" wide strips of tulle measuring '2xlength of the skirt + 2inches'. I wanted my skirt to be 15" long. So I cut 32" strips.

I found it easy to cut the strips with a rotary cutter. You get straighter edges and the ruler helps hold down the disobedient fabric. Also, I found it easy to cut after folding the fabric by once by length and once by width. So with one swift swish of the blade I got two strips of tulle.

I wanted to make a black skirt with brown highlights. This skirt used up 2 yards of black tulle and almost a yard of brown tulle. All that poof...

Now, grab a strip of tulle. Fold it in half.

Grab the elastic waist band and place the folded tulle on the inside of the band.

Bring the free ends from over the elastic and into the little loop at the center of the fold.

After I started making this skirt and taking pictures, I realized the color was not very conducive for a tutorial. So here is that same step explained using a ruler instead of the black elastic.

Pull on the free ends tightly towards the bottom. 

Keep adding the strips of tulle to the elastic. Pull the free ends and tighten the knot, making sure the elastic does not fold under pressure. If you are using more than one color, have a pattern ready of how you want to add the different colors. In this case after every 2 black strips I added a brown strip.

Keep doing this and watch your skirt grow!

And Poof!

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