Custom Canvas Shoes

Stay at home days are usually project days. Not my sewing projects of course. Those are done on school days! This is a kid friendly activity we did on one of those stay at home days. Convert a boring pair of white canvas shoes into custom designer kicks. Big Sister did most of the work with my supervision and now she wears her creation very proudly. She loved the end product so much that we went to the store that me a pair of white canvas shoes and made a designer pair for me as well!

Doesn't this look like fun? Here's how we did it...

We got our materials together first.
1. White canvas shoes
2. Bowl of water
3. Tape (Painters or just plain clear tape)
4. Acrylic colors (If you are worried about your kid using acrylic colors, you can also use non-toxic water colors, but you have to give it a clear coating afterwards so it does not wash away.)
5. Palette
6. Brushes and sponge
7. Optional: Clear coat finish

We covered the bottom part of the shoes with some tape first. You can use painters' tape if you have any handy. We just used plain clear tape and it worked fine for us.

Almost everything from here was easy for Big Sister to do. We got the shoes and laces slightly wet by 'painting' it with water first. (This is something I suggested she do because of the end result I had in mind. I wanted to go for a more smudged effect rather than a precision paint work...and water helps in smudging and blending)

Of course, she wanted pink and purple! We mixed up the desired shade of pink and purple on a palette and started dabbing away using a slightly wet sponge.

Don't forget the 'tongue' of the shoes. I had to help her here a little bit to cover all  the remaining white spaces, especially around  the edges.

She wanted to give a blue/green highlight. She first used the brush to paint dots....

And later smudged it with a water soaked sponge.

Then we did the laces. After dabbing it with mostly blue/green, we added a little bit of pink and purple here and there along the length.

Let them dry. Once dry, you can remove the tape.

This step is optional. We used Acrylic colors. So it was kind of permanent. But if you use water colors, you might have to spray on a clear coat finish so you don't have a colorful watery run off if your little one liked that puddle very much!

There! All done! This is just what we imagined....But I guess the possibilities are endless.

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