Hello! And welcome to Mommyland.

My name is Pya.
I am a preschool teacher, mom of two wonderful girls and wife of a very patient husband. 

I am from India but now live in a suburb of Denver. 

I first started sewing with the leftover fabrics from my mother's and aunt's tailoring ventures when I was barely a teen. The first few of my creations were little elastic skirts for my Barbie dolls and draw string bags for those little trinkets a teenager would want to hide from the rest of the world. Other than a basic straight stitch and a few basic patterns, I did not learn much then. But necessity and interest rose again when I had my first daughter in 2009. 
Oh! she was my own little doll! 

I started out slow with a second hand machine and inexpensive fabric. I have never been to a sewing class. I have to try very hard to read a 'pattern'. And I try to avoid math as much as possible when sewing (other than for taking basic measurements, of course). My 'technique' involves intuition and a lot of eyeballing. I sometimes take apart a store brought outfit to figure out just how that seam was tucked in without any stitch showing. I am learning along the way...

And cratfs...oh well, I think DIY runs in the family. Sometimes things work out cheaper than what it would have been store bought. But most of the time it is the fun of creating something on your own...from the scratch. And a lot of the projects are fun to do with my daughters... one of them at least for now. (The younger one is an ever energetic toddler)

The world wide web has been my tutor, be it sewing or DIY projects. This blog is my way of giving back to the art world. I wish to become a part of the group that I would have referred to a few years back, without getting too technical, just basics.

This being Mommyland and all, things get done a little slower. An outfit that normally takes a couple of hours, will probably get done in about 3-4 days. 
But get it done, I will!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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