Pine Cone Wreath

This past holiday season, my daughter and I made our first wreath. A pine cone wreath. Over the summer she had collected quite a few pine cones for the patio.We decided to put that to good use...

My objective was to use things I had at hand...not buy anything new. In retrospect, I really would not have used these leaves or any leaves at all...

First started of with making the basic frame. I twisted floral wires to form an almost circular frame.

Now, each of the pine cones need to be prepped to be tied to the frame. I twisted gold craft wires around the base of the cone and twisted the ends.


After reinforcing the frame with more twisted wires, I wrapped the frame with green floral tape.

Here's the part I could have skipped. Looking at the end product the leaves made no difference. I should have used bigger leaves, pine needles or none at all.

I started twisting in the pine cones. Alternating one inside the frame and one outside gave it a 'full' look.

At this point, make sure you hold it up and fill any gaps with smaller pine cones.

Then we added some ribbons. And drizzled silver sparkle.

Finished product.

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