Early Days

Until Big Sister was about 2 years old, I really did not plan what I was making.I just went along with it and some were a hit, some were a miss. Since I started this blog to also catalog my projects and in a way track my improvements, here's a collection of some of my initial work. 

This is the first frock I made for my daughter. The fabric was cheap cotton scraps I found at Walmart. This being the first time and all, I was very wary of how much I spent and wanted to desperately make it count. I would say, but for the fabric and few imperfect finishing stitches, this turned out be pretty neat.

My first attempt with knits. It went horribly wrong. I wasted so much fabric. At first cutting was tricky. Then, I just could not get the right stitch. Especially for the hems, because using a straight stitch would just take away the stretch of the knit. Finally, used the zigzag stitch. 

Here's my first attempt at a crotch measurement. I could never get it right until 3 years later:-)

This was my first re-purposing. This used to a snug turtle neck from H&M. Like I was going to fit into it again post baby! This time I was better with knits and the crotch made do because of the fabric and she wasn't walking yet...

This was my first almost Indian outfit for her. It actually started out as something else, then  I ran out of fabric and ended up being a tie back top...

This is a traditional 'pattu pavadai' or 'lehenga'.
Matching outfits for a dear friend's daughter and Nikita.

My first A-line dresses. 

So that's how I started. Can't say I am perfect now, but I am way better than where I was with these. Especially with the finishes. I now try hard to make the insides of the dress as pretty as the outside. 

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