DIY: Satin Valentine Hearts

Just in time for the heart-overload time of the year....Singed satin hearts!

This is great DIY projects for leftover satin scraps. The end product can be used for topping gift baskets, filler in a bag of chocolates, strewn on table for a romantic dinner, or leave a trail of heart petals on the floor...:)

This project requires working with a small flame. Use care. As the fabric is literally going to be singed at the edges, have a cup of water handy. Just in case things get out of hand, you can drop the petal into the water.

Start with cutting out heart shapes from your fabric. Satin works best for this tutorial, because it 'curls' up pretty well. If you want rose-like petals instead of hearts, cut out slightly rounded triangles.

 Hold the petal against the flame, preferably from a long stemmed lighter. For flat petals, just rub the flame ever so lightly along the edges of the fabric. For more curled up petals, rub the flame against the fabric in up to down movements. But again, ever so lightly.

The frays at the end of the fabric will disappear and end up with a singed edge. You might also end up with black edges if you show the fabric to flame for too long.

And there you have your bag of little singed satin hearts...

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