Blanket Poncho

I am crazy about baby blankets. The soft, fuzzy and sometimes heavy kind. Now that both my daughters have outgrown the blankets, they were lying in a discarded part of the closet. Until I decided to give them new life...

You need a square blanket for a poncho. If you have a rectangle one, trim it and finish the edges to make it a square one.

My mom knit this wool blanket for the kids' car seat. I used round bowl to draw a circle at the center. The circumference was just a little smaller than Big Sister's head circumference. I then ran a tight stitch along the line, so that the knit won't fall apart when I cut through it.

After cutting out the circle just inside the stitch, I finished it by piping it with knit fabric.

This makes a nice fall/spring poncho. If you make one out of a lighter blanket, it can be an all-weather poncho.

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