Fabric Flowers - 1

Yes. The number in the title suggests there are a lot more ways to make fabric flowers coming up. And most of  them are using fabric scraps, leftovers, the throwaways. You'll never look at fabric scraps the same way again... Yay! More crap to store...!

This is one of my favorite, easy to make flowers and can be used in a lot of ways...

Remember the little singed hearts? This is very similar to that with some needle and thread and glue work. Start by looking around the house for round templates of varying sizes. If the largest circle is more than 2 inches in diameter, depending on the fabric, the flower might flop.

Cut the fabric in circles. And start singing the edges using a flame. Have a cup of water handy nearby. Just in case the flame gets out of control, drop it into the cup of water. I used satin in  this tutorial. It curls up if you move the flame up to down swiftly.

Layer them and run a needle and thread through the center.

Add a drop of glue in the middle and add small beads. You may also sew in a large bead or a button.

Use these as accents on tops or waist of dresses. Or glue it on to hair accessories.

 Ready to start saving the scraps of fabric?

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