Having a baby changes everything. Motherhood, sleepless nights, tiny baby, and a whole new wardrobe! So, I kept aside a few of my smaller sized clothes to ambitiously fit into later, gave away a few and the rest is saved up for the fabric.

The first time I cut one of my old tops and made something new out of it was with this halter jumper.

With this, I basically used my sweater as just fabric and did not retain any of its original elements. (Just the bottom hem I think). 

Then I came across a tutorial online to convert a sweater to a child's a-line dress. This is what I made... 

My old knit top. (I cannot believe what a clothes hoarder I am. I bought this in December of 2002!)

Here comes the cutting part. I kept the hem line from the bottom of the sweater, bottom of the sleeves and neck. Cut the sides of the sweater to get an a-line shape and cut out arm holes for the sleeves. I used the existing sleeves and cut it so that the new dress will have a 3/4th sleeve. 

After sewing it together, verdict is: she loves it!

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