Tin Can Wind Chimes

Yes. We buy a lot of canned food! I never feel like throwing away the shiny cans after peeling of the label. I tried planting herbs in a few of them. But the cans either got too hot or too cold and the plants just wouldn't grow as well as in a 'normal' pot.

Some of them made their way to be pen stands or toy holders. And the rest became these...

 I started of with painting the tin cans after taking the lids off and sanding down the sharp edges. I used acrylic paint because these are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors and must withstand the weather.

Once dry, I nailed in holes.

Then I strung strong twine through the holes. I used a bead on the other end as a stopper. After marking the height I wanted each 'chime' to hang, I strung some decorative beads and a stopper bead. I also added a drop of superglue to every knot made.

Now here's my scrappy 'inner goddess' at work. I used the base and lid rim of a formula can for the frames.

You might want to adjust the height of the stopper beads on top to make sure the chimes touch each other.

These 2 make a beautiful deep clanky sound with even a little wind. One of them found a home in Eden Prairie, MN :) Hope it's windy!

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