Braided hair band from fabric scraps: tutorial

I mention a LOT about fabric scraps....just how much scrap am I talking about? Take a look at this project and you'll see what beautiful accessories you can make with just a little cloth...

Braided fabric hair band.

Here's the step-by-step.

What you need:

3 strips of fabric for the braids - 1-1.5 inch width, 12-15 inch length. (Note: This measurement is good for knit fabric. If you are using non-knits add 2-3 inches more to the length.)

1 strip 1/2 inch elastic 6 inches.
Fabric strip to cover the elastic - 2 inch width, 9-10 inch length. (This fabric is optional as you will see below, keeping the elastic naked has its own look, especially if you have colored elastic)
Small strips of fabric to cover the joints - 1 inch X 2.5 inch.

Let's start with the braid first. Prepare the strip by folding it into 3 and ironing flat. Now the side with the fabric end showing is going to be our 'bad side'.

After preparing all three strips keep them together, all 'good sides' facing the same direction and stitch them together.

Start braiding. The fabric I used here was a little thick, so the braid turned out bulkier than I liked.
While braiding make sure the 'good side' always faces out...rather, the 'bad side' stays inside.

Braid all the way to the end and stitch the ends together.

Now to make the cover for the elastic, fold the fabric length wise and run a stitch along the length.

Use a pencil to turn it inside out. Thread the elastic through this 'tube' and stitch each of the ends of the elastic to the tube.

Now sew this on to your prepared braid.

Alternately, you may also sew the elastic directly to the braid without a 'cover'. This will look all the more better if you have colored elastic in stock.

Conceal your joint by ironing flat the small piece of fabric folded like this.

Use fabric glue to stick it around the joint or....

... hand sew with a needle and thread.

This measurement is good for an average head size of 3-7 year olds... are you going to throw anything away now?!

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