Control-Frayed Denim

Ever wanted to have that frayed look on your denim when you make jeans into capris?

 End up with uneven frays or fabric that never stops fraying?

And not a fan of the rolled up jean look? (I never get this one right!)

 Here's how you can have controlled frays on your denim...

Fist mark using chalk or fabric marker, the final desired height of your capri pant.

Run a straight stitch along this line using a color of thread that nearly blends into your denim.

Cut just 1/4-1/3 inch below the stitch line. Then toss the jeans in the washer.

(Ofcourse, save up the remnants for some patchwork art on your other clothes or bags or any fabric remnant project!)

Once dried, you will notice the cross threads hanging out. Chop it off. Cut only the cross thread and not the vertical thread. That will be your fray.

The fabric will continue fraying in the subsequent one or two washes until the cross thread has loosened all the way to the stitch you made. Rest easy, it will not fray beyond this stitch. Now you have your control-frayed capri pants!

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