Fabric Flower - 3

I am back! After a 2 week long hiatus! A child who is not feeling very well, can siphon out pretty much all of your 'me' time. Adding to her already volatile mood, Little One was stung by a bumble bee! But all is well now. Naps are regular...so my posts will be regular as well...

This has been a long pending post. I made a bunch of these flowers for Little One's first birthday. Just made a few more yellow ones for spring and managed to click some step-by-step pictures.

Want to make a few of these?

You don't need much fabric to make them. Again this is a great scrap fabric project. Here's the step-by-step...

Cut out 5 or 6 fabric squares measuring 3"X3".  Each square will be a petal in our flower.

Grab a square and fold it diagonally.

Hand stitch along the right angle edges in pretty loose stitches... (of course, knot the end of the thread)

When you reach the end of the 'L', pull on the thread to gather the fabric together. You will see your petal forming.

Now to hold this stitch in, loop your needle and thread through the last gathered folds of the petal once more. This will form a loose knot, so that the gathered petal does not unravel.

Do not cut your thread. Continue making the other petals.

Once you have finished the last petal, join the first and the last petal and pull on the thread tightly and run a knotting stitch. (Just loop the thread 2-3 times around the needle and pull the needle. This should form a secure knot.)

Cut the thread. Easy?

Now, there are different ways you can cover up that gaping hole in the middle. You can sew on large sequins or just plain buttons like the picture below. Or you can cover it with a fabric covered button.

I like to make my own version of fabric covered buttons. Here's how...

Grab a large button 3/4" - 1" in diameter and a piece of fabric roughly 3"X3".

Wrap the fabric around the button tightly and gather the remaining around the other side. Stitch on the underside of the button by taking your needle and thread once or twice through the gathered fabric and a few times around it.

I don't cut of the extra fabric just yet.

Sew the button to the flower. The extra fabric helps me hold the button tightly along the flower while I do this.

Once you are done cut off the extra fabric. This is the underside of the flower...

And this is its pretty face....

Do just one or do about a hundred! There are so many ways you can use these fabric blossoms.

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