Lend me an ear or two!

Friends and family literally lent me their ears when I started off with a new hobby a year and a half ago. Some said 'meh!' and 'not my style'. Some said more encouraging words. I made tons of improvements from the feedback I got - 'This got heavy'. 'This ear hook scratched me'. After trying out various designs on myself and the above mentioned 'volunteers', I am finally opening my online store on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop/VitraCreations


I often get asked, what makes me tick....what motivates me to do what I do. I never really thought about it seriously, until this new hobby... how simple it is to get someone like me hooked on to, addicted to, a new craft.

So, how was I hooked? My husband woes/remembers all too well, the day he picked up something for my oldest daughter and me, December of 2011, meant to be a mommy-daughter project. A bead set to make bracelets, with about 50 multi-colored kid friendly acrylic beads. She was almost 3 then and loved the idea. We started making bracelets with elastic cords right away, until we had one too many.

That's when Google came into play and I started exploring how to make earrings. Off to Michaels we went, to get our starter kit of head pins, eye pins, ear wires, pliers and what-nots. And then I made my very first earrings for Big Sister.

Once I got my basics down pat and Big Sister had about 20 earrings, I started making my own ear hooks. Bending wires to make various shapes...

And manipulate wire to get unique results...

So Yay! My store is finally online. (selling and shipping to US based buyers only...for now). I am soon planning to add kid-friendly light weight dangling earrings to my collection for sale. Watch the store for new additions. Your support and purchase is much appreciated! 

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