Reuse Craft: Photo glitter globe from baby food jar

Last month was Big Sister's moving-up day at school! She left her beloved 'yellow' room and moves up to 'green' room this month! She also had her dance and piano recitals last month.  I absolutely adore, definitely not envy, the teachers for being with kids the whole day, being so patient and caring while they are at it. And return home to their own kids at the end of the day! RESPECT!

As we got ready to say our byes and Thank Yous to all her beloved teachers, we wanted to give each one of them something special...something we made together. So, I rummaged around my pending projects and settled on this. Customized photo glitter globes...

And the best part...this is reuse-recycle project. You can buy a glass jar or bottle. OR you can use baby food jars if you have them around.

Want to make this?

Read on for my step-by-step...

First up...start saving up on the baby food jar once your little one is done with it.

Peel of the sticker and scrub off any glue residue.

Paint the lids...

We made one for ourselves first. Let it sit for a week, to make sure everything stayed the way it should and there were no leakages. The photo size depends on the size of jar you are using. If you make the picture too small, it will float around in the jar. If you make it too big, the picture will bend distorting the image. So I experimented by cutting up old contact cards into the jar to come up with just the right size.

If you are using a 4oz baby food jar, 2"X2.5" is a perfect picture size. We chose 2 pictures and glued them back to back.

This picture is going to spend its life soaked in fluid. So we now have to 'laminate' it. Garb a strip of heavy duty packaging tape. Make sure the tape is stretched out on a flat surface. Place the picture carefully on it so there are no air bubbles.

Now place another strip of tape over on the other side of the picture so that the 2 tapes stick together around the pictures and form a tight seal.

Squeeze out with your fingers any air bubbles that might be there. Cut the tape seal around the picture leaving about a 1/4" frame. Press the edges tightly to make sure the tapes are sticking together without any gaps.

Now's the fun part! Fill up to 3/4 of your jar with water. Add about 10-15 drops of glycerin.

Insert the picture upside down. Add lots of glitter! Big Sister also wanted 'fancy' sequins. Why not?! The glycerin makes the water more viscous. This helps the glitter and sequins to float more slowly around the jar and not just sink to the bottom.

Top it off with some more water to the brim and close the lid. If you can close it without spilling any water from inside, you will have bubbles. More often than not you will end up with a small air bubble.

Turn it upside down, give it a little shake and watch the 'glitter rain'. If everything looks okay, seal the lid to the jar with superglue.

And that's it! You can also glue small toys to the lid using superglue to add more texture. 

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