Slinky Rebirth

A couple of weeks ago I took up the very daunting task of cleaning up and reorganizing the girls' play room. So many ignored toys in the 'later' bin, lots of toys in the 'done with it, but still intact' bin, and tons of them in the 'broken - throw away or recycle' bin. The 'later' toys are now out and about, the 'done with it' ones are ready to be given away, and the 'broken' ones get a closer look. I found quite a few treasures in there that would make for wonderful recycle projects. This is one of them.

Big Sister collects these little plastic slinky she gets from the treasure box at one of her classes. They last about a couple of days before the Little One manages to tangle, bend or break them up. These are the few brave tangled survivors that are now going to be given a new life. I put them away hoping to use them for something someday until a brainwave hit!

We made slinky pom-poms.

And hung them on her window. She wanted to hang them from the ceiling and I was too lazy to get the ladder and tape and nails. So we compromised on the windows and now she wants to fill up the window with more slinky pom-poms that she is going to collect from now on!

Want to make some? Read on for my step-by-step...

Start by collecting the salvageable ones.

Slowly, patiently, untangle them. This takes quite a bit of time (and patience).

Now, this one was bent badly around the middle.  And the rest of the spirals had loosened quite a bit.

So, I cut it off... (Somethings you HAVE to throw away!)

Bring the two ends of the slinky together. Do not twist it. Just make the ends meet. Add a drop or two of super glue or hot glue.

Secure with  a clothespin and let it dry.

Now you have these pretty pom-poms.

Tie a string around a spiral and double knot it. I like to add a drop of glue to the knot.

Hang them up.

Or wear them as funky jewelry!

This took about 15 minutes to make, not counting the untangling time. That was done while watching 'Dolphin Tale' with the girls.

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