DIY Felt Witch Hat

Big Sister has decided for the Little One to be a witch this Halloween. So, I made this skirt (link here) for the little witch. Now, every witch needs a hat, doesn't she? My quest for making a hat got me to blogs where I could download or buy patterns that would fit a particular age group. This would not suit me because Little One has a really small head and an age appropriate size would be too big for her. And I did not find a pattern for a smaller size.

So, I started drafting my own pattern. And it turned out to be a perfect fit.

Want to draft a custom pattern for a witch's hat? Beware, some math involved! I had to refresh on my basic geometry!

1. Measure the head circumference. To draw a circle of this circumference you need to find the radius.

radius (r) = circumference / 2 / 3.14

2.  Draw a circle on your draft paper with this as your radius. Now, I forgot about my compass when I was done with school and kiddos are not of compass using age yet. So, this is how I drew the circle without a compass.

Mark 2 dots with the distance r between them.

Tie a piece of string to a pencil. Keeping the tip of the pencil on one of the dots, hold the piece of string down over the other dot and trace your circle.

3. You don't have to complete the circle. Close off the semi circle with a straight line across the diameter.

4.  Draw a smaller semi circle inside. The difference between the two circles is your seam allowance.

5.  Mark 2 more dots along the diameter line. This is the width of the brim of the hat. Measure the brim width from the outer circle. Keeping the same center for the new circle, trace out a bigger semi circle connecting these 2 dots.

6.  The brim draft is complete. Cut it out as shown.

7. Now for the cone of the hat. The cone is best made from a quarter circle. To draw a quarter circle you need to calculate the radius of the complete circle. This is how I arrived at it. The curved part of the quarter circle is going to sit on the head circumference. So the circumference of the quarter circle = circumference of the head. Hence, circumference of the full circle = 4 x circumference of head.

Radius of the full circle (R) = circumference of head x 4 / 2 / 3.14

Now draw lines measuring R at 90 degrees. Draw the quarter circle connecting the 2 ends of these lines.

8. Draw 2 lines parallel to the perpendicular lines. The distance between the 2 parallel lines is your seam allowance.

9.  Cut out the cone pattern along the outer line. There, the pattern is ready.

10. To cut out the brim, fold the fabric in half. Place the brim pattern with the straight edge along the fold. Cut.

You need 2 of the brim pieces. So, cut, twice.

11. Cut out the cone piece using  the pattern.

12. Fold the cone piece in half and stitch along the straight edge. Turn it inside out. With felt, there is very little noticeable difference between the two sides. If you do decide to mark one side as the wrong side or if you are making this with any other fabric which clearly has a wrong side, fold the cone piece with the good sides facing each other.

13. Place the brim pieces together and stitch along the outer edge. Turn it inside out. (Again, place the 2 pieces with the good sides facing each other, if it has a good side.)

14. Place the cone inside the brim and stitch along the circumference.

15. Hat done!

You can embellish this by tying a strip of tulle around it or attach a flower. I made this flower (link here) with the inner circles I cut out from the brim pieces. (I cut out 2 more similar circles to make this flower)

There, all done!

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