Fabric Flowers - 2

By now you know. I am fabric junkie. Scraps hoarder. What started off as a small JoAnn's bag filled with fabric scraps, now fills up two 6 quart Sterlite boxes. Flowers are a great accent to make with leftover fabrics. You can use a contrast or design fabric to add accents to dress, or make them with random fabric to add to hair clips, band, etc.

Last time, we saw a very simple singed flower tutorial. (Link). Here's another easy to do tutorial.

I saw these flowers on almost all of Baby Gap and Gap Kid girls' outfits a year or so ago. These are very simple to make and look particularly fluffy when you layer them up or use chiffon or georgettes.

Start with rounds of fabric. In this tutorial, I am going to make a flower with 4 'petals' and layer 2 flowers. For these flowers, it is best if you don't finish the edges. As a result, some fabric may fray but that adds to the look. (care needs to be taken when washing dresses with these flowers sewn on. Hand washing works best.)

Fold the rounds first by half, and then once more to get a triangular 'petal'.

Run a tight straight stitch at the top of the fold to secure it.

Now stack the petals by 4 or 6 and stitch them all up together. You can either hand stitch or run it through the machine. Alternately if you don't want the stitches to show use a hot glue gun.

Now, stack them up or use them individually...

They look nice as an off-centered chest piece or lined up on the waist line.

Next up, I am making head bands for both my girls with leftover knit fabric. Will post the tutorial soon..

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