DIY Party Favors

Big Sister had her birthday last weekend. And she was specific she wanted a 'pink and silver sparkly' birthday. At least there were no princess this year...

I might have passed on the DIY gene to both my girls but unless they see me put it to good use they might never catch on, will they? So, she and I embarked on this project to make our own fun party favors.

(Yes, we had a few boys too at the 'pink and silver sparkly' birthday'!)

There was a lot of glittery tulle involved and my floor still sparkles in some places. This was the girls' package  we put together.

I made a drawstring bag with glittery tulle with (surprise!) sparkling silver ribbons. We added hair clips for the girls with homemade flowers. Tutorial here. (Link).

And little notebooks with built in pen/crayon holders. Tutorial here. (Link).

 I really loved the way the candy holder tutu turned out. Tutorial here. (Link).

The boys' package had a slightly boyish version, but still with lots of tulle.. A simpler version of the tutu candy holder.

I made silver bow-ties for the boys' using a tutorial I found here. (Link).

Oh! And here's the 'pink and silver sparkly' birthday girl in a dress I made...

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