Candy or pen holder tutu

For a while, I was saving up empty toilet paper rolls and kitchen towel rolls, waiting for a brain wave to hit for a new project idea. The rolls started piling on, but no brain wave. Until, ironically, I threw most of them out. Then I got this idea for Big Sister's birthday and started collecting them again. 

I made these little tutu 'cups' that can hold candy or pen/pencils.

Here's the step-by-step...

You can use toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls, cut up.

Wrap light weight craft paper (or gift bag stuffing tissues) around it, and tuck in the ends inside the roll.

Now for the skirt part.  Tulle works best for the skirt. It adds a lot of fluff. For even more fluff, I used 3 layers of tulle. We had a sparkle theme for the birthday, so we HAD to have glitter tulle! Cut the fabric into 10" diameter rounds.

Stack them up one on top of the other. And with your paper covered roll in the middle start gathering the fabric up and around it.

Fasten a rubber band at about 1/3rd of the roll.

Flip the fabric downward and even the pleats.

Add some ribbons and ties.

Roll up some of the same paper and stuff it inside the roll pushing it to the bottom. Then add the candy or pens  or whatever you are trying to give away...

For the boys, I used just 2 layers of fabric of 18" diameter. First stuff the roll with some balled up paper and the candy, then go about wrapping it with the fabric. Gather the fabric all the way to the top and tie it off with a ribbon.

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