DIY Party Hats

It's been a while since  I posted here. And it seems like a lot has happened since then too. Little One turned 2! And I turned, well, a year older... The last few weeks have been about celebrations, visiting family and loved ones, and the blog was kinda forgotten.

But here we are with something we made for the Little One's birthday. Big Sister and I made party hats for the birthday gal and the family from poster boards (chart paper). We then decorated them with glitter glue (of course) and glue on rhinestones.

 Want to make party hats? Read on for my step-by-step...

First, you need to cut out the template using regular paper. Once you determine the height of the hat you want, trace a quarter circle or 1/3rd circle using the height as the radius.

A quarter circle gives a narrow base for the hat, and sits on top of the head. A 1/3rd circle has a wider base and might fit a smaller head just perfect and sit on top of a bigger head.

To trace a quarter circle, trace 2 lines measuring the height of your hat at 90 degrees to each other. (This is somewhat similar to the cone of the witch's hat we made....without seam allowance. Link here.) Connect the other ends of the lines by drawing a quarter circle with the height as the radius.

To trace the 1/3rd circle, just mark the lines at 120 degrees and complete the circle.

Cut out the traced template. It should look like this. I made our hats out of a quarter circle.

Using the template, cut out poster boards or light weight card stock or construction paper.

We then decorated them with glitter glue and glue on stones.

You might want to cut out a small, very small portion of the top of the paper. This will help the card wrap around itself and make a neat seam.

Wrap the card around and glue the edges. You can staple it, but with Little One I did not want anything sharp on the hat. I added a small strip of tape to hold the edges together until the glue dried.

Punch two holes for the elastic.

Loop and tie elastic through the holes. I used clear elastic.

You can also tie 2 pieces of thin ribbon though the holes.

If you do not get a neat finish at the top of the hat, you may cover it up with a pom-pom.

There was no money saved in this project.  But we got custom made bejeweled hats. Now where can I BUY that?!

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