Flower Tin Can Caddy

The past few months Big Sister has been very vocal about saving the Earth. Once the weather got better, she insisted we walk or bike to school to prevent air pollution. She helps putting away the newspapers and milk cartons in the recycle bin. And has been pointing to many things I throw away and asking if we can use them for any projects. That made me a very happy scrappy mom indeed!

So here is another tin can re-purposing we did this past week. This was also part of an end of year school gift to her teacher. A fabric covered tin can flower caddy.

Read on for our step-by-step....

As always, wash and dry the tin cans. File away any sharp edges.

The standard small tin can I used measured 9.25" circumference and ~4.5" height. We cut fabric blocks measuring 5"X10". (You can also use decorative paper)

We then prepped the cans using mod podge.

Covered them with fabric. We also added a coating of mod podge on the outside of the fabric after we wrapped it around the can. And let it dry.

After about 30 minutes (or once they are dry), I snipped away the excess fabric. Here I had to fix the bottom of the cans for some of the fabric that would not curve up to the shape of the cans. I just applied so mod podge and smoothed the fabric to curve with the can.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the cans together to form a floral shape. I just made the center can to stand out a bit. (Glue gun - Not for kids)

A pretty little caddy perfect for school supplies. Maybe I'll make one for the kitchen too...

Once we finished it, Big Sister proclaimed, "There! We just saved the Earth!"

Here are some of our previous tin can projects:
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Have fun saving the Earth!


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